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About the Brand

Black Women Talk Tech created a tech conference designed specifically for Black women tech entrepreneurs to create a space where black women could be seen and heard and have their ideas invested in. The conference is now the largest convening of Black women tech entrepreneurs and technologists.


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Our Process

The Opportunity

Black Women Talk Tech was looking to grow Roadmap to Billions, their annual conference, to 2500+ attendees. They needed a clear roadmap to drive growth - and to do it quickly.

The Plan

Roadmap to Billions is a unique event, and thus required a unique approach. We quickly recognized that the most impactful marketing strategy would need execution across multiple digital channels.

We built and implemented a multi-channel strategy that spanned web, the blog, public relations, paid advertising, and partnership marketing. We also led and executed Live Conversations on Instagram Live, Twitter Spaces, Zoom, and LinkedIn to engage our audience and drive brand awareness.

Our multi-channel approach included:

• Email Marketing

• Social & Digital Content

• Public Relations

• Paid Advertising

• General Event Marketing

• Messaging & Positioning