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Fashion & Apparel

About the Brand

fannipac is a lifestyle brand dedicated to a life of hands-free adventure. Their products are designed to empower people to get outside, get active, and shop sustainably.


Influencer Marketing
Growth Marketing
Content Marketing
Design & Branding


Increase in Revenue
in Reach
20, 35
Influencers, Brand Ambassadors

Our Process

The Opportunity

When fannipac first launched, they saw a tremendous amount of interest and excitement for their products. But over the next few months, that interest waned - and revenue stalled.

Their goal was to increase their brand awareness, establish a strong connection with their audience, and build a community of returning customers & raving fans.

The Plan

We tackled fannipac's marketing strategy in 3 distinct ways: content & social media, influencer partnerships, and growth marketing.

We partnered with a mix of nano, micro, and macro influencers in the lifestyle, fitness, and fashion categories to create an engaging mix of static posts, reels, and video content.

The content produced for each campaign was leveraged across social media, newsletters, and the website, and complemented fannipac's brand, aesthetic, and mission.

Simultaneously, we built a brand ambassador that enabled customers to share user-generated content, win giveaways, and land exclusive discounts.

  • Revenue: 800% increase
  • Reach: 15M
  • Brand Ambassador Program: 35 engaged (unpaid) brand ambassadors