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About the Brand

Therapy Tree specializes in SLP, OT & PT for Children & Adults: Empowering kids, adults & families through therapeutic intervention.


Content Marketing
Influencer Marketing


Increase in MoM Organic Traffic
Increase in Social Media Followers
New Keywords in SERP Positions (1-3)

Our Process

The Opportunity

Therapy Tree's goals were to develop a consistent brand identity, build its online presence, and drive revenue through new clients. While they'd tested social media and email marketing in the past, they were looking for content and paid media experts to develop a comprehensive strategy, build a unique personality for their brand, and build a close relationship with the online community.

The Plan

The first step was to build and deliver integrated, multi-channel brand campaigns across social media, the blog, events, and paid advertising. Simultaneously, we led the promotional team in developing and curating high-quality content to support our owned, earned, and paid media strategy.

After 3 months, Therapy Tree was ready to expand into a local-first community approach. So we quickly developed and implemented a partnerships strategy that enabled them to partner with local influencers, businesses, and clinics to build on their brand story and drive engagement.

  • Organic Traffic: +40% MoM
  • Followers: +152%
  • Newsletter Subscribers: +1100%
  • Keywords: 95% Gain in New Keywords in Top Search Positions
  • Keywords: +55% in New Keywords in SERP Positions (1-3)